AI Powered Property Analytics for
Real-World Applications

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Property information is fragmented, costly and time consuming to obtain. Our proprietary algorithms are designed to get past these barriers to support business needs.  

We focus our efforts on providing accurate information. Our team, including AI PhDs, created our own proprietary datasets and algorithms that we know are reliable and provide our clients with predictions we can stand behind and explain in detail.  


Our core technology provides quantifiable metrics and information that can be utilized across many industries including solar, roofing insurance, 5G network planning and more.


Real-World Applications & Solutions

Businesses rely on information to make key decisions. That is why we have created a property assessment platform and API that uses our proprietary algorithms to assess geospatial data and provide key property information metrics. Whether assessing a single property or a whole neighborhood, you can make informed decisions with fast reliable data using our technology.

Fully Autonomous Residential Solar Design 

Individual Property Assessments

Neighborhood Assessments


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Aerialytic focuses on AI powered property analytics for real world applications.

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